Drips Bakery Café

Drips Bento Box Special


The idea behind a bento box is beyond a simple takeaway lunch because it is not just about convenience but it is also about being well-rounded and balanced.

Although it is just one box, it is designed to have a complete meal inside. Therefore, Drips Bento Box Special is here for your new choice, 4 in 1 box! It consists of a wholesome Sandwich of your choice, Filter Drip Coffee of your choice, Teacake of your choice & 2 Specially Curated Mini Tarts. 

Bento Items Choice Of
Foccacia Sandwich
  • Smoked Duck With Green Apple Slices & Cherry Tomatoes Sandwich
  • Smoked Salmon With Avocado Sandwich
Drip's Hand Crafted Coffee Filter Sachet + Cup
  • Operation Cherry Red
  • Kenya Blackcurrant
Drip's Specialty Teacakes
  • Creamy Butter Teacake
  • Dark Chocolate Pound Teacake
  • Chocolate Marble Teacake

2 Drip's Mini Tarts ( 2 Inch )
  • Mini Macadamia Nut Tart
  • Mini Apple Crumble Tart

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