Sip on a nicely textured cup of specially crafted Coffee this afternoon along with a delicious fruit tart or freshly baked pastry.

We partnered with Sister Bruce Coffee Roasters to come up with our delicious in-house espresso blend - a marriage of Colombian Supremo & El Salvador Bourbon beans to produce a well-balanced coffee with an upfront almond & malt taste coupled with honey sweetness ending with a dark cocoa finish.

The roasting process focuses on bringing out the unique, natural flavours of the bean. They design their own roasting temperature profiles to optimise the development time needed. Slowly and patiently evoking the best flavours possible

Together with our one-of-a-kind WHITE Rocket Machine beautifully made & hand assembled in Italy ; We are excited to roll out more aromatic coffee for everyone with this beauty.




How are our specialty filter coffees different from the commercial ones

Our artisanal retail filter coffees are made from high quality green coffee. Commercial coffee usually use cheaper and lower grade green coffee to keep their prices down.
Large scale commercial roasters tend to roast 100kg+ per batch so it’s harder for them to control the finer temperature profile details of the roasting process that we can control with our small batches. Our roasts vary from 6kg-13kg per batch only.

We use temperature profiles that our roasters have specially developed themselves to ensure that the coffee tastes more lively and not flat and bitter.
There is a lot of R&D that our roasters put into the roast temperature profiling and the roast method to make our coffees stand out.

Sip on a glass to feel the difference

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